Team outing

For the success of a team, the harmony between its members are vital. Interesting places near your work place or a small tour, we can arrange anything. We have alliance with all the top restaurants, resorts and entertainment spots, thus discounts and bulk booking is not a problem at all.

Theme Parties

Corporate parties are kept classy. Including theme or coordination into these parties make it more interesting and new gen. Any theme, technical or non-technical, we will materialise your ideas to perfection.


The core of any event is the entertainment factor and corporate event is no different. The latest big shots in the entertainment industry or the newest of the entertainment show, we have it all. Glitz and flamboyance is our arena and we make sure that our guests are awestruck by performances.

Conference Organisers

People in important positions, investors and company owners are coming for a mega conference, and need the organisation to be top notch? Then you have come to the right place. Professionalism and accuracy is our trademark and we will make sure that not a single thing will be out of place.


Inauguration involves so much of last minute tension and stress. We take it entirely upon ourselves to take care of organising the opening ceremony inclusive of the chief guests. We are a well recognised in our field, hence inviting and convincing celebrities are not an issue.

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