Product launch

Launching of a product at the right time in the right way is very important for the placement of the product in the market. We have a separate team to analyse the launching strategies and the events to be incorporated that would enhance the promotion of the product.

Mall Promotions

Mall activation or mall promotion is one such medium wherein the consumer gets to build brand affinity with the product and company. Shopping mall promotional activities focus exclusively on mall activation and engage maximum customers. Get your brand right into the minds of your target customers through effective shopping mall promotional activities. Building effective and lasting relationships with the consumer helps to create a brand image that lasts for long.

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are the best way to promote products and we arrange these shows in international standards. We associate with top models and designers who have worked in international projects. Promotion using these people who already have a brand value will increase our popularity.

Road shows

Road shows are the new technique used for promotion. We organise road shows and flash mobs for promotion purposes and are experts in grabbing the attention of the public.


Music is a thing that is unanimously loved by all. Taking advantage of this for the promotion of our brand and product is what we at Millennials Choice aim for. Arranging concerts and roping in celebrity singers are things we do with ease.


Exhibitions and fairs are the traditional techniques for advertisements and promotion. We organise the exhibition and stalls in a flashy and flamboyant way to attract a large crowd. We are here to sell your products in the most effective way possible.

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